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Selling B2B to Win

The Perfect B2B Sales Boot Camp for New and Tenured Reps!

The Perfect Business-to-Business Sales Bootcamp.

This is our flagship on-demand course that helps new hires sell faster and tenured reps sell more! Features 10 topical video modules jam packed with real-world scenarios, actor simulations, step by step coaching, testing, playbook and certificate of completion.

  • Accelerating New Hire Sales Competencies
  • Updating Tenured Sales Rep Selling Skills
  • Coaching Technical People on “How to Sell”
  • Supercharging Consideration & Win Rates
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Produced by Award Winning Sales Performance Coach

Rick Lambert

On-Demand Training Includes

Engaging video (not PowerPoint)

10 - 15 minute modules

Less than 3 hours to complete

Professional on-camera talent

Actor simulations of selling skills

Online testing and reporting

Official certificate of completion

Offline money making exercises

Video Coaching Modules

Are You Ready To Sell?

Take our sales readiness self-assessment.

Power Prospecting Strategies

Powerful phone, email and social engagement strategies.

High-Gain Questions

Learn when, why and how to ask high-gain questions.

The Ultimate Sales Call

Learn when, why and how to ask high-gain questions.

Objection Handling Strategies

How to overcome common resistance with pro responses.

Effective Presentation Skills

Pro tips for delivering an effective presentation.

Qualifying Sales Opportunities

Let’s make sure you’re focusing on real opportunities.

Proposal Pro Tips

Discover how to make your proposal more compelling.

Negotiating Best Practices

Proven techniques to protect your margin.

Gaining Commitment

Best practices to secure the business.

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